A promise ring is a plain or stone set ring, given for one or more reasons. It can symbolise the love and commitment within a one-2-one relationship. It is sometimes worn as a pre-engagement ring.

For young couples, with little money, purchasing an engagement ring can be too expensive. A promise ring can be purchased, as a stand-in ring, that enables a couple to take their relationship one stage further. The engagement ring would come later.

 The promise ring can in this form, be created in less expensive materials, sterling silver, 9ct Gold or even Palladium. Diamond set rings will very often have smaller diamonds, keeping the cost to a more affordable level also.

In the UK there would certainly be a risk of misunderstanding since the promise ring is not well known in British culture. Most girls would automatically consider the purchase an engagement ring.

Another form and function of the promise ring, takes us to the purity ring, which conveys a slightly different to the pre-engagement ring. This type of ring is symbolic of sexual abstinence in a relationship prior to marriage. Indeed this will always act as a physical reminder of the pledge to save oneself for marriage. Purity rings also have a strong connection with religion. Nuns have always worn rings, as symbols of betrothal to their heavenly spouse, and this meaning can be carried across to anyone who adopts a particular meaning, symbolised within a particular ring. Most often, such rings are plain gold bands, as the less decadent styles of ring, are more in keeping with spiritual purity and a simple life.

A promise ring need not be classified as a couples promise ring, since it can be purchased for oneself. It can be worn, to denote a promise from that person to themselves, for any one of a number of reasons. Perhaps a reward and reminder to give up smoking or to work towards a goal. Perhaps even weight loss, although this might require several size adjustments along the way!