What a boy should do to give his girl a Promise Ring? Let me tell you.
1.Know the purpose and predict the recipient's reaction. If you are giving a cheap promise rings for couples as a sign of friendship, or to someone you've only recently been dating, pick something simple and inexpensive. If your partner is hoping for a marriage proposal, either use a less culturally significant piece of jewelry or make the decision to exchange promise rings in advance so you don't disappoint them with a misinterpreted surprise.
2.Select something the recipient will wear. If they don't wear rings, place the ring on a necklace chain or use a different "promise gift". Try to find out their ring size by temporarily "stealing" a ring and having a jeweler measure it.
  • If the recipient has a job or hobby that could wear down or scratch the ring (such as construction or rock climbing), select a hard material such as titanium.
  • If the ring is a promise to become engaged in the future, or a "wedding ring" for a couple that doesn't plan on getting married, select a ring that fits on the ring finger of the left hand, or wherever your partner plans to wear a wedding ring.
  • For most other promise rings, select a ring that fits on any other finger. (Often the ring finger of the right hand, which can be a different size than its left counterpart.)
3.Examine posy rings. Also known as poésy rings, these are metal bands with a love poem, promise, or other inscription engraved on the inside surface, next to the wearer's skin. These are an excellent choice, since they are usually distinguishable from wedding bands and can literally display a promise.
  • A jeweler can help you make your own posy ring by engraving a personal message from you to the recipient.
  • Many posy rings quote Bible verses or other Christian inscriptions, but the tradition has expanded to secular society or other religious couples.
4.Consider Claddagh rings. These rings originate in Ireland and depict two clasped hands holding a heart. This visual sign of love or friendship serves as a warm reminder of commitment.
5.Ask about customization. Most jewelers are willing to design or customize a ring for you by adding special elements, such as engraved messages or unique, significant decorations. Consider engraving the same promise you will make verbally.
6.Think about other options. A promise ring shouldn't be so expensive or elaborate that it is mistaken for a engraved promise rings, but a ring with special significance adds extra weight to the promise. Consider a ring with the recipient's birthstone, or a custom engraving.
  • If you can't afford to buy jewelry, or if the recipient enjoys less fancy gifts, make your own jewelry or other gift. Use a material or object with special significance in your relationship if possible.
  • A necklace, earring, or other piece of jewelry is just as good a symbol. This option is especially wise when giving the promise to a partner who is eager for a marriage proposal; you don't want to mislead them.
  • If you're having trouble deciding, or simply like this idea, ask the recipient if they would like to exchange promise rings, then talk together about selecting a matching pair.
7.Find out their ring size. If it's going to be a surprise, it shouldn't be too obvious you're trying to find out. Consider measuring other rings that already fit, or ask friends and family for help. If you're still unsure, get a ring that can be resized.