Many couples this year will be going vintage for their engagement ring because they feel it more richly speaks to their values, ethics, and style. From sidestepping the conflict-diamond trade to the often lower costs, there are many pluses that come along with buying a vintage ring that supplement their tried-and-true elegance.

Finding the Right Vintage Ring
Of course you will be looking for a ring that has the look you love, but it is also a good idea to consider how you’ll be wearing your ring.Sterling Silver is a better choice for a more active lifestyle. A Cubic Zirconia set lower rather than extending out of the ring is better protected, as is one in a bezel setting. Those planning to take off their ring before tackling tough jobs can feel more secure wearing delicate styles.

Cubic Zirconia 925 Sterling Silver Platinum Plated 6-prong Women's Engagement Ring/Wedding Ring

Diamond Alternatives
If your tastes call for a more distinctive engagement ring, you may love other long-lasting gems in your setting such as sapphires, rubies, or aquamarines. These can be used either exclusively.You will want something durable enough for everyday wear that will last, so stick with the harder gems and avoid the more delicate opals, pearls, or coral when choosing wedding jewelry.

Charming Solitaire Cubic Topaz With Butterfly Design Wedding Ring


Newly Made Vintage Inspired
Vintage or estate rings are unique, heartfelt, and stand out from the crowd. Full of history and romance, a vintage or estate ring can make a statement about a couple’s values and tastes while fitting right in with them. There are many lovely options to fit your own particular ethos.