The antique jewelry is of great demand when it comes to choosing vintage especially Victorian style engagement rings. But at times it becomes grueling, as lot many designs came into existence during Queen Victoria’s rule.

Brides-to-be chiefly hold the romantic essence and get lured by the designs of the Victorian era. In the earlier phase of Victorian era folks usually choose big and elaborative rings while in the later phase multitudes prefer intricate and smaller rings.

Before 1870’s diamonds were in short supply, but spring up of diamond mines in the neighborhoods of the South Africa makes them comfortable to get to. Diamonds extraction leads to a fall in their cost that allows the designers to integrate them in their unique creations of the engagement bands. Further, the incorporation of these diamonds in antique engagement bands too adds charm.

Though the charisma of one thing remains unchanged and that was the preference of metal. Brides-to-be first and foremost choice was glittering yellow gold or alluring rose gold. The romantic magnetism of rose gold appeals the Victorians along with the multitudes of the today’s era.

Engagement rings with setting of three similar colored gems or diamond. These stones are lined in series to give a ring an elegant look.

925 Sterling Silver White Cubic Zirconia Black Wedding Bridal Ring Set


4-prong Solitaire Heart Cubic Zirconia 925 Sterling Silver White Gold Plated Wedding Ring Set


Simple Vintage Fashion Copper Mosaic Cubic Zirconia Woman's Ring


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