We all dream of working in an office where Casual Friday isn’t just limited to the end of the workweek. As much as you love how professional and sleek you look in your fitted pantsuit, heels and a low chignon, you probably enjoy the freedom of dressing down.

No outfit is ever complete without the accessories, and jewelry can change the entire vibe of your ensemble. To keep your pieces appropriate for your 9 to 5, here are a few things to consider:

Think of your jewelry as finishing touches, and not embellishments
Some people will advise that you only wear one piece per outfit to play it safe, but you can still look like an executive with multiple necklaces, earrings, or bracelets. Something to keep in mind is the design; you want to attract, not distract. Little Pink Book suggests simple jewelry rather than bold pieces to pair together.

Don’t be too flashy with your wealth
Your jewelry may signify your financial possibilities, however it shouldn’t be used to show prestige over coworkers. Know the right balance of sophistication and statement is crucial to making the right impression. You want to be noticed but not in the wrong way.

If you want to go bold, opt for a single statement accessory
It’s better to not have enough, than too much. If you are wearing a big-stoned ring, maybe hold off on the watch and bracelet. Let the statement ring shine on its own. If you really want to wear several eye catching pieces, limit it to two and space out the placement. Some people can pull off the big necklace and bold ring combination.