Your most beloved ring does not fit anymore! No need to worry; resizing your ring is possible.There are several reasons to resize a ring. One may want to resize their rings so that they can wear it on another finger or there may be a need to resize a ring due to weight gain or loss. Ring sizing is actually one of the most common jewelry repair. However, it is also important to know what could go wrong with ring sizing to prevent from potentially damaging one of your precious jewelry pieces.

Resizing To a Smaller Size
This process is simple, compared to when a ring is resized to a larger size. A portion of the band is cut, ring is then soldered back together, and finally cleaned and polished. However, when the shank of the ring is too thin or thick, it makes the resizing process more difficult for the jeweler. The area where the ring was cut and soldered also becomes weaker and can potentially break in the future.

Resizing To a Larger Size
There are two ways to resize your ring to a larger size. Depending on how much you want it to be resized, a ring can be stretched or reworked. Stretching is a method used if you need to resize your ring not more than half size larger. For ring sizing larger than that, a total rework on the ring would be necessary. Keep in mind, complication can occur when the ring has a more intricate design (has stones and diamonds), resizing it to a larger size may be a problem as it can alter the beauty of the ring or damage the stones/diamonds.

Unable to Resize
Unfortunately, there are certain rings that cannot resized or reworked. Eternity rings, for example, cannot be resized due to diamonds or stones going all the way around the band. Any heat or cutting can damage damage or distort the beauty of the ring. Metals like titanium or stainless steel rings cannot be resized due to the material properties.

 When shopping for an expensive ring, it is important to seek the advice of a jeweler to ensure the metal type and design would allow for the ring to be resized in the future. Most fashion jewelry rings have some leeway and of course we accept returns for our fashion jewelry if its too small or big.  In general, make sure that the ring fits comfortably and as well as possible to avoid a potential hassle having to resize the ring in the future.