Every day, we spend time selecting a chic outfit. We style our hair and apply makeup. We take good care of our skin. We beautify ourselves to look our best. A simple trick to complete your look is to accessorize with jewelry – a lot of it. Matching jewelry is a popular jewelry trend and a simple way to walk out the door looking your best.

The question is, how does one mix and match their jewelry? Here's our quick tips.
One important lesson about mixing and matching jewelry is to find a centerpiece and accessorize from it. A centerpiece is usually the one piece of jewelry that stands out the most. The “eye-catcher.” It can be a chunky necklace, a large ring, or a shiny watch. Whatever it is, your other jewelry pieces should complement that focal jewelry piece. Say you are wearing a large, chunky opal necklace for an anniversary dinner, one can match it with a pair of diamond-studded earrings. A large gold watch can be worn with thin bracelets and rings that have a similar or complimentary tone.

Layer your jewelry based on size and thickness. Necklaces can be layered by wearing long jewelry pieces with shorter ones. On the other hand, bracelets can be layered by wearing thin, simple looking bracelets together with thicker, chunkier bracelets. Make sure it doesn't look too overwhelming. Never pile too much jewelry.

Mixing and matching jewelry can sometimes become dull and boring, especially if you wear pieces of the same color. Break the monotony by wearing pieces that have a colorful accent. Never be afraid to blend in a colorful piece in the sea of gold or silver necklaces. It’ll enhance and make your pieces look exciting and fashionable.

Habitually, one would think to wear jewelry of the same kind. So if you chose a gold bracelet as your focal piece, the rest should also be in gold. But, present times calls for change. Now, it is actually encouraged to mix jewelry of different metals and stones. This makes the look more unique and trendy.

Mixing and matching jewelry can be intimidating at first but play around with it. The simple key to remember is to not over-do it. Aside from that, the combinations can be endless. A quite simple recipe to arrive at your next party looking beautiful and stylish.

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