There is a special women in your life and you would love to get her a piece of really spectacular solitaire, but surprising her with the solitaire on some occasion is too mainstream and expected. Why not surprise her on an unexpected or a random day. Being a lady, I am sure that ladies are crazy about surprises, especially if it is from her love of life.

Let’s be honest, every women loves solitaires and they are the girl’s best friends. Why not thrill her by gifting one solitaire ring and give an unexpected cozy hug to make her solitaire even more special. The solitaire ring is an iconic symbol of commitment. Dazzling in its simplicity and striking beauty, a solitaire diamond on a lovely left hand leaves no doubt that he is proudly planning his future with her.

Here are few steps to make her first solitaire extremely special :
Plan an exciting candle light dinner for the women in your life

Compliment her while having dinner and capture her smile in your phone

Hold her hand and go for a long walk after dinner

Get down on your knees and slip that beautiful ring into her fingers

This is how you make her first solitaire special. It is important to know what you are buying and not get fooled later.