Four-leaf lucky clover, whose scientific name is alfalfa, is native to Europe and America and belongs to perennial herb. Generally there are there leaves. What’s interesting and strange, among the a hundred thousand alfalfas you may only find one alfalfa with four leaves, named “lucky clover”. The opportunity is announced to be as little as one out of a hundred thousand, and it takes a lot of effort to search for four-leaf clovers only if you have sharp eyesight. Thus, lucky clover is very rare and internationally recognized as emblem of luck.

There has been a long history about legend of lucky clover. Some says it is a gift Adam Eve take from Eden to Earth. Some says Lucky Clover should date back to Napoleon. Once he led troops to cross the prairie. He found a four-leaf plant. Then he bended down to pick this rare flower and just avoided the bullet shot at him by coincidence. Thereafter, he named this four-leaf flower as Lucky Clover.

Four-leaf lucky clover is popular in Europe and America for a long time. Nowadays in Korea and Japan, a buying frenzy of Lucky Clover explodes, and lucky clover become the best choice of gifts for friends since its every leaf has unique implied meanings to help deliver your best wishes, as well as people’s dream of fortune and luck.

Few things in life can express a time, an occasion, or even an era as well as jewelry can. By looking at our ancestors' jewelry, we can discover what was important to them, as well as what they loved and valued. Even our very early human ancestors would craft jewelry out of the limited materials they had available. From the very beginning, jewelry helped us to assign meaning to certain aspects of life. In modern times, we use jewelry to mark important milestones in our lives—graduations, weddings, engagements, and birthdays.

Now that it is easier than ever to personalize jewelry, our rings, necklaces, and bracelets can tell even more of a story to future generations. Each person can have a hand in designing their own personalized jewelry, as well as gifting it to loved ones. It is difficult to even conceive of a more thoughtful and beautiful gift than personalized jewelry.

Indeed, personalized necklaces is a sign of the times. Now more than ever, people are using their bodies to display their personalities. We have seen a rise in the number of people getting tattoos that express their individuality, but this jewelry also offers us the same opportunity without any of the downsides of inking your body. Furthermore, if you so choose, you can even pass on your personalized jewelry to other members of your family. Talk about a "statement piece"!