Happy January Birthdays! Being the first birthstone of the year, January’s garnet, also know as the “Gem of Faith,” derived its name from the Latin word Granatum or pomegranate, because it resembles a dark red fruit. While garnet is a rich red hue, it “signifies power, victory, truth, purity, faith, and protection,” (BirthstoneZodiac) as well as life, happiness and strength.

Garnet is a plentiful stone, most commonly found in a deep crimson and prized over the centuries as a symbol of affection.

Jewinston defines January birthstones with garnet and siam crystals. We have four simple jewelry projects to start your new year! Wear garnet or siam this year whether it is for showcasing your birthstone color or to showcase this vibrant red color.

January Crystal Ring
Named after the Latin word for pomegranate seed (granatus), garnet is a stone steeped in legend. It has been a popular adornment for pharaohs and nobility. Noah’s ark was thought to have a garnet lantern to help guide its way, and Plato reputedly had his likeness carved in a garnet.

Noble Gorgeous Hollow 925 Sterling Silver Inlaid Garnet Crown Ring

January Crystal Necklaces
Gemstones have been imbued with spiritual meaning for eons, dating back to the breastplate of Aaron that contained 12 gemstones representing the signs of the zodiac and the tribes of Israel. The modern birthstone list was established by the National Association of Jewelers in 1912, with a few updates over the years.

Pretty Natural Garnet 925 Sterling Silver Necklace

January Crystal Earrings
Because of its color, garnet is associated with blood and was thought to encourage good circulation, however garnet come in a range of colors, including vibrant orange, purple, and green. During medieval times, garnets were believed to lift the spirit and guard against nightmares.

925 Sterling Silver With Garnet Women's Earrings