Heirloom jewelry is more than just a jewelry piece, it is a special piece that has many stories to tell. Heirloom jewelry is defined as jewelry that is passed down through family members for several generations. Due to wear and age, the beauty of a heirloom jewelry can have a tendency to deteriorate. It is important to know what can damage your jewelry and how to preserve it.

Certain strong chemicals can damage certain metals or stones. Before you clean jewelry on your own, make sure you know what type of materials the jewelry consists of. Veer away from anything that contains ammonia, alcohol or acids as it can damage your jewelry. Our personal favorite jewelry cleaner is Simple Shine.

Moisture can cause rust and contribute to loss in cluster of some jewelry types like rhinestones jewelry. Take your heirloom jewelry off before swimming. Sea water, chlorine, or sweat can affect loosen or discolor metals like gold and platinum. Sunscreen, bug spray, or lotions can also make heirloom jewelry dull.

Remove your heirloom jewelry when doing household chores. Cleaning, gardening or other day to day activities can scratch, chip, or damage your jewelry. Also, keep your jewelry stored separately as metals and stones can scratch each other.

Heirloom jewelry is one of the most special jewelry pieces one can possess. There is physical and emotional beauty connected to family heirloom jewelry. If you already possess heirloom jewelry, cherish, care for it, and be sure to pass it on.