Diamonds are more popularly known as a “girl’s best friend”. They are extremely elegant and last forever. That’s why many women have made it their dream to acquire one if not more to make part of their timeless jewelry collection. The word “diamond” came from a Greek word that means “indestructible” and it is the hardest substance known to man. Diamonds are typically priced per carat.

Most buyers consider several things when purchasing a diamond, such as the carat, clarity and color. One important thing to consider when buying a diamond is the cut. A diamond’s cut pertains to its symmetry and proportion. A diamond’s beauty depends on the cut. Many people use this as their main criteria when purchasing a diamond. If you are planning to purchase a diamond ring for your engagement or diamond studded earrings for your wedding anniversary, here are the most popular cuts available in the market.

There are 10 different diamond cuts,but some people only know several cuts which are commonly, like:Round,Emerald,Heart,Oval,Pear,Princess. Today,I will list the total cuts,may you know more about diamond cuts.

1.Round Cut Diamond

2.Princess Cut Diamond
3.Cushion Cut Diamond

4.Emerald Cut Diamond
5.Asscher Cut Diamond
6.Radiant Cut Diamond
7.Oval Cut Diamond
8.Marquise Cut Diamond
9.Pear Cut Diamond
10.Heart Cut Diamond

Now you can know those are the most popular diamond cuts. When choosing a diamond, make sure to know what you really like.Despite the particular diamond cut you choose, they are forever so make sure you love it.

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