It is an out of the ordinary moment when you are to get hitched to your “someone special” and officially present them ring on your engagement ceremony. The ceremony in India is supposed to be part of the big fat wedding and hence is a big event. Rings may be presented in trays, little baskets or the traditional boxes. But why not perk up the ring presentation with these unusual ideas brings to you?

On Engagement Cake
You might have heard of “cake with cherry on the top”, let that be “ring on the top” for a change. Nothing can get sweeter. Can it?

In a Glass of Wine
These customized wine glasses are a perky and trendy way to present rings on your engagement ceremony. Fill the glass with wine and place the ring in it. Ask your partner to finish off the drink and get the ring. Fun. Isn’t it?

Ditch the Traditional Boxes
It’s time to give up on those traditional red boxes used to present the rings. Explore around and go boundless. Opt for wooden boxes with your (you and your partner) initials carved on them and treasure it as a memory of the beautiful moment. You can also go for miniature cushions and frames.

On a Flower Bud
Flowers have always been an expression of love and romance. Pick up his/her favorite fresh flower bud and simply place the engagement ring on it. And that’s all! This simple yet beautiful way of presenting your ring will make your “to be” go week at their knees.

Add flavor to your engagement ceremony by going for any of the above ways and save your ceremony from being a boring one. Also do let us know your favorite way in the comments section below. Good luck!

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