Like the ’80s were totally gnarly. No other decade brought about so many crazy trends. From neon hair to punk and bright colors everywhere. Neon was hot and with it brought some amazing 80s jewelry options.

We decided to compile a list of 3 Awesome 80s jewelry trends that you definitely remember. Whether you liked them or not, these 3 jewelry styles are classics. So without further ado I introduce our picks.

1. Eighties Charm Bracelets and Charm Necklaces
When thinking about my childhood in the eighties, it brings to mind of all the little plastic charms I gathered for my plastic charm necklace. Back then it was the bomb.

Finding different small plastic charms in different shapes to add to my plastic chain link necklace took up so much time. I still remember my chain was vibrant pink. It took me 2 years to find all of the charms I wanted and fill up the necklace.

I then spent another year looking for plastic charms to go on my plastic chain charm bracelet. It had to match my necklace. One would think that this was completely senseless. Maybe it was, but it was fun and I rocked the 80’s.

Perfect Warm Gift Glass Bead DIY Snow And Heart Beaded Bracelet

2. Plastic Bangle Bracelets
Our second pick for the list of our Awesome Eighties Jewelry are plastic bangle bracelets. I remember collecting these bangle bracelets and seeing how many I could fit on my arm.

Neon pink, green, an orange were my favorite colors. Some had small white or black polka dots and some were only solid colors. It took me a year to get tired of them. I remember fitting thirty-three of these plastic bangle bracelets on my arms. I was very proud of this accomplishment.

Simple Titanium And PU Leather Band With Clover And Bead Fashion Bracelet

3. Eighties Jewelry Goomie Bracelets
One of my all-time favorites and our next eighties jewelry pick are Goomie Bracelets. These were also known as jelly bracelets. They had to match my jelly shoes. Don’t even get me started on my jelly shoe collection of the 80’s.

Anyway, I liked the colors of the jellies, again these were bright and vibrant, just like everything was during most of the 80’s. I had millions of these and they also came in glittered versions. The more the better.

80s Jewelry Legends
The jewelry trends in the 80s were unique and embraced the vibrant neon colors. It made everything fun and colorful. The 80’s was a time for change and a time to have fun with no worries. This was seen in expression whether it clothing or jewelry.